OY!  Synagogue membership!   Why do they always have to bring up joining as a member????

You may have noticed that we use the word “community” a lot.  Our community entails a diverse, dedicated, and caring group of individuals and families.  We welcome people wherever they are in their Jewish practices and traditions – including those who are new to Judaism and are just curious.  We are a contemporary Jewish Renewal synagogue that is joyous, creative, spiritually rich and inspiring, socially progressive, egalitarian, and earth-aware.  Our community members play an active role in our congregation. Members lead services, learn together, provide support to each other through our Bikur Cholim committee, and have a voice in the way we study, pray and celebrate.

While all of this is important – even essential -- to who we are as a community and a congregation, membership dues also keep the lights on, pay the Rabbi, cover our rent, and all the rest.   So, while we welcome all to celebrate and study with us, we would be especially pleased if you were to join us!


We want membership to be available to everyone.  Therefore, our dues are on a sliding scale, based on your ability to pay, and cost little more than High Holy Day tickets – which are included in your membership.  Our "fair share" approach is based on an honor system to reflect our awareness that each of our members has unique circumstances and resources.  To see our suggested guidelines for  dues, please submit the form at right, and we will send you more information about membership.

Is makom shalom for you?

Attend one of our services and other events to experience the joy, creativity and spiritually-inspiring spirit of our shul!

Become a Member

  1. Open and fill out the Dues Form here
  2. Email to jaqi.makomshalom@gmail.com
  3. OR print and mail it to the address at the bottom of the Membership Dues Form.
  4. Make your payment, partial or full, below using the "Add to Cart" button with our Fair Share guidelines

Find your fair share dues HERE

NOTE:  *Aleph is the umbrella organization of the Jewish Renewal movement. All members are asked to add $36 annually (see below) to their dues to help support Aleph's renewal programming offered throughout the U.S.

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Special request or message:

If you wish to pay your membership dues using a dollar amount not offered above OR if you wish to make a donation, please use the "Donate" button below.


If you have questions about Makom Shalom Membership, please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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