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May 19, 2:30 PM Rosh Chodesh, Carol Sherman's home in the Gold Coast

About this month’s Rosh Chodesh Circle

Facilitator: Gail Sussman-Miller

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Come welcome the month of Iyar with us. The mazal (constellation) for Iyar is Taurus, shor (the ox). Iyar links the months of Nisan and Sivan through the counting of the Omer. As we count the Omer, we experience our own growth, and the growth of the Jewish people. In Nisan we become a nation, born out of the Exodus from Egypt. In Iyar the Jewish people enters adolescence as we struggle to become a mature nation ready to receive the Torah in Sivan. Iyar is commonly referred to as the month of natural healing, for its name is an acronym for Ani Adonai Rofecha, "I am G-d your Healer" (Exodus 15:26). We will focus on healing and coming of age together! 

*This is a member-only group. If you’d like to join us, you need only become a member of Makom Shalom.

What is Rosh Chodesh?

Rosh Chodesh literally means “head of the month,” referring to the New Moon that begins each month in the Hebrew calendar.  Makom's Rosh Chodesh Circle is a sacred space for women members* of our community to come together and connect about what is going on for us emotionally and spiritually. ) As an ancient Jewish ritual of marking the passing of time by the new moon and constellations, we frame our conversations and self-reflection around these same energetic themes and observe how they have shaped so much of the Jewish calendar. 

At each monthly meeting the facilitator introduces the Hebrew month’s theme and its corresponding horoscope, or mazal, to stimulate self-reflection and a query around Judaic themes. We share our thoughts in pairs first, and then with the group, if desired. Each session brings us closer together as individuals and as a group. Each person comes away with a unique and meaningful experience through support, new life and spiritual perspectives, including intentions to carry into the new month.