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Fri, April 26, 5 PM Passover Seder with Reb Michael at Broadway United

  • Broadway United 3338 North Broadway Street Chicago, IL, 60657 United States (map)

As a Renewal congregation, we at Makom Shalom try to understand the traditional mitzvot (commandments) in ways that are relevant and meaningful to us today, while at the same time passing on the traditions of our ancestors to the next generation.  We hope you and your family will join us for this unique and engaging seder.  We will have a Potluck Dinner.  Please click here to note specific food requirements for this event.  

$20 for Adult Members, $25 for Adult Non-Member, $5 for Kids. 

Seder at Broadway United

Please join us for Seder, as in years past, we will provide the essentials, and ask that you bring a pot luck dish to share (that serves 10). The list of foods is below. 

Matzo, Wine, Juice, Seder plate items and all paper products will be supplied, please read list that follows to see what you can bring.

If you need help figuring out what to bring, contact Jaqi!


As a Renewal congregation, we at Makom Shalom try to understand the traditional mitzvot (commandments) in ways that make sense to us today, while at the same time passing on the traditions of our ancestors for to descendants.

This is both an individual and a communal undertaking. As individuals, we each have religious, ethical, personal and medical reasons to avoid certain foods. As a community, we need a simple yet meaningful shared standard to enable us to eat together.

Therefore, the most important rule, which we follow all year round, is:

   1) Label your dishes with _all_ the ingredients they contain. Pens and index cards will be available for your convenience.

The food standards we follow all year round, including Passover, are:

   2) The following are NOT permitted at any Makom function: pork or any pork product; shrimp, scallops or any other type of shellfish; or any dish that contains milk (or any milk product) and meat or chicken in the same dish.

Finally, we have specific rules for Passover.

   3) The following items are NOT permitted at the Makom Seder: Items containing any of the "five grains" (wheat, spelt, rye, barley, or oats); first-degree relative of these grains, such as kamut and farro; any type of flour made from these grains; or any product made from these grains. Therefore, the following are NOT permitted: anything (bread, pizza, pasta, etc.) made from these grains, and products such as wheat berries, couscous, tabbouleh, barley soup, etc.

At Passover we eat only unleavened bread. According to the rabbis of tradition, a food becomes leavened when the "five grains" listed above are used in cooking. Matzo is made from the five grains, with water alone, and baked for less than 18 minutes to prevent leavening. Similarly, matzo meal, which is matzo that has been baked before crushing, cannot become leavened.

Therefore, the following categories ARE permitted at Passover (and therest of the year too):

   4) Matzo, and products made from matzo or matzo meal. Matzo may be made from any of the five grains, e.g., regular matzah, spelt matzah, and oat matzah.

Kitniot are small seeds, grains or grasses that have been considered similar to the five grains at some point in history. From the Middle Ages on, Jews of Northern European origin (Ashkenazin, which include almost all American Jews) have not eaten kitniot at Passover.

The exact definition of kitniot has changed from time to time and place to place, but the list of kitniot always includes rice, chickpeas, soybeans, corn, green beans, mustard seeds and similar items. If you do not eat kitniot, you cannot have hummus (chickpeas) or tofu (soybeans) at Passover.

Sephardim (Jews of Southern European origin) have always eaten kitniot at Passover. In the State of Israel today, where Jews from the world over have settled, many Jews eat kitniot, regardless of ancestry.

   5) At Makom Shalom all forms of kitniot ARE permitted at Passover. Thus you are free to bring rice dishes, hummus or tofu, but please do not be offended if some of your neighbors do not eat them.

   6) Wine and grape juice: We do NOT require that wine and grape juice be kosher for Passover.

   7) Packaged products: The hechsher (symbol of kashruth) used for Passover is a regular hechsher followed by the letter P, so anything labeled O-U P or CRC-P is permitted. Note that some of these products, such as cookies or noodles made from potato starch, may look identical to their everyday counterparts.

Member Adults $20.
Non-Member Adults $25.
Kids $5.

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