Up With Joy!

Makom Shalom is proud to be a diverse community with a range of views in current affairs and matters of faith. The views I present on this blog are my own and not a statement on behalf of the Makom Shalom community. I encourage you to share your views here in the comment section on this blog. I welcome respectful and engaged dialog.                                                                                                            Rabbi Cantor Michael Davis 

Reb Nachman knew sadness and he knew joy. The chassidim teach us to see sadness as a sin and joy as its own mitzvah. Reb Nachman developed a spiritual practice of choosing joy over and over again. Amidst all the noise and sadness in the world, step back and ask yourself, what am I without the noise? Who am I without the sadness and  anxiety? Be happy for no reason and for every reason.  

Up with joy!

Thank you to all who worked so hard to make the High Holydays special for the community. In response to requests from members of the congregation my Rosh Hashanah morning sermon on Israel and freedom is included below.

With blessings for a sweet Shabbat and a good week ahead,

Reb Michael