Al shlosha devarim...

Pirkei Avot ("Ethics of the Ancestors") teaches that the world depends on just three things (shlosha devarim):  Torah learned and lived, worship of God from the heart, and acts of holy kindness.  One of those acts of kindness -- and one that has sustained the Jewish community for the last three millenia -- is generous giving from the heart.   Since you have clicked to this page, we assume that you like what you have learned about Makom Shalom, and you are thinking about ways to help our little shul to thrive.   

Two ways you can help Makom... 

1)  make a donation

There's a little DONATE button just up to the right.  Click on it, and you will be taken to a PayPal page that will securely accept your donation on our behalf.  If you are not comfortable sending your credit card information on line (and we understand that!), just fill out the form at right and we will contact you.  Makom Shalom is a 501(c)3 religious congregation, and your donations are tax deductible.


Members are the heart and soul of our community -- and we would love to have your spirit at Makom.  Learn more about reasons to become a member and get your membership dues form on the "Become a Member!" page at this link. Or drop us a note using the form at the right. 


Your donation helps sustain our congregation. 

  • $18 covers the cost of Shabbos candles for an entire year

  • $36 helps us buy a new Siddur / Prayer book

  • $72 purchases supplies for our religious education programs

  • $144 pays for staff to support our community Seder

Whatever you can donate helps us grow and thrive!  Just click the yellow DONATE button below.

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If you would like to join us and/or have questions, please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you. You can also call 224-326-3883. Thanks!

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